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Are you looking to enroll in a professional, accredited and reliable Electrical CEU course in VA?

As a licensed and experienced electrician, you understand the importance of working with your hands. When it comes time for learning new techniques and acquiring helpful professional tools, you have the opportunity to work well with your hands by using a keyboard to take the online CEU class in VA.

Online learning delivers several benefits. You can take the online CEU class in VA when you have the time. You also take the class from the comfort of home at a pace that matches your learning needs. If there is a section of the class you want to review, you simply go back to the section to play the video again.

You can’t get that type of recall when you attend a classroom session.

Virginia Continuing Education Requirements

Journeymen and Master Electricians (ELE) operating in Virginia must complete three hours of continuing education curriculum that covers NEC updates. The state also requires the renewal of your license every three years. Virginia law states the expiration date for the license falls on the last day of the month when the state issued your license.

Additionally, the VA Board of Contractors has not adopted the 2020 NEC Code Update, which means the online course covers the 2017 versions of the NEC.

For any questions concerning your Virginia educational requirements, contact the Virginia Board of Contractors at (804) 367-8511 or submit the convenient online form.

“Great class! Sorry I have not taken your classes sooner. Thanks Marty, it was well worth it!”
– Ken D.

Why M.S. Electrical Training

Why should you choose M.S. Electrical Training to help you prepare for the online CEU class in Virginia?  Our certified instructors have earned the reputation of delivering the most advanced information that concerns electrical codes. It is not just knowledge that separates our instructors from the rest of the pack.

Our instructors teach with an unsurpassed energy level that truly demonstrates their love for the electrician trade. From teaching unique methodologies to assisting students in preparing for their CEU requirements, M.S. Electrical Training makes sure you complete the online CEU class in VA the first time you enroll in it. We use interactive teaching tools that fit the hands on approach electricians use to ply their many skills.

Because of the three-year interval to renew your license, you cannot afford to wait until the last minute to enroll in an online CEU class in VA.

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