Online CEU Class In MD

Are you looking to enroll in a professional, accredited and reliable Electrical CEU course in MD?

The online CEU class in MD will provide electricians with a detailed understanding of the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC). You can expect to learn about the dozens of significant changes and other critical rules written into the 2017 NEC. Some of the changes you will learn address the additional GFCI requirements for 240-volt and 3-phase branch circuits, as well as the arc energy reductions for fuses and circuit breakers at least 1,200 amps.

At the end of each of the five learning modules, a short 10-questions exam gauges what you have learned. The online CEU class in MD requires electricians to achieve a minimum passing rate of 70 percent. Students need a copy of the 2017 NEC Code Book to prepare for the online class. The class is approved for continuing education in Maryland (except Wicomico county) Virginia, and North Carolina.

Benefits of Taking Classes Online

To advance their careers, licensed electricians historically had to attend classes held in classrooms at high schools, community colleges, and four-year universities across Maryland. Now, you can advance your career by taking an online CEU class in the Old Line State. You do not even have to be tech savvy to complete the online course. Easy to follow instructions allow you to obtain the 2017 NEC certification at a pace that meets your daily scheduling needs.

Not only can you work at your own pace, you also can do it inside the comfort of your home. If you need to take a break, you pause the class; if you need to review a previous section of the 2017 NEC standards, you rewind the course to go over what you need to learn. Online classes for electricians also help you develop the type of self-discipline that leads to more job opportunities.

“Great class! Sorry I have not taken your classes sooner. Thanks Marty, it was well worth it!”
– Ken D.

Let M.S Electrical Training Help You Prepare

You cannot prepare enough to advance your career by successfully completing the online CEU class in Maryland. This is why M.S. Electrical Training is dedicated to fully preparing electricians to pass each of the five learning modules. Our highly rated certified teachers present everything you need to know about electrical codes, as well we provide keen insight on how to use the resource called the 2017 NEC Code Book.

With three years between the time you have to renew your license, you have to be proactive by preparing for the CEU class long before you sit down next to a computer. Be proactive today by contacting M.S. Electrical Training to jump start your career as an electrician.

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