North Carolina Master Electrician License

In the state of North Carolina, a master electrician makes an average of 36.70 per hour and $10,000 in overtime pay per year. In comparison, a standard electrician earns $24.89 per hour and about $7,500 in overtime pay per year. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most professionals want to progress in their careers.

At M.S. Electrical Training, we make that possible. Our state-approved courses are essential for individuals hoping to achieve a North Carolina master electrician license. With our continuing education courses, you’ll be able to gain the knowledge you need and earn a higher income. As a master electrician himself, instructor Marty Schumacher is committed to helping students reach their goals.

North Carolina Master Electrician License Requirements

In North Carolina, there are three types of electrical contracting licenses. These include limited licenses (for projects worth up to $60,000 that include less than 600 volts of power) intermediate licenses (for projects worth up to $150,000), and unlimited or “master” electrician licenses for any project. There are also separate licenses for specific locations such as residential dwellings, swimming pools, and groundwater pumps.

To obtain your North Carolina master electrician license, it’s necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Fill out an application
  • Have over 5 years of experience
  • Submit 2 written references from individuals who can attest to your character
  • Submit 2 written references from individuals who can describe your skillset (specifically, the ability to lead electrical projects)
  • An additional 2 years of experience for any restricted classifications
  • Pay a $90 fee and pass your examination

Some qualifications may vary depending on your jurisdiction. Raleigh may have different requirements compared to Charlotte, for instance. Additionally, your license will need to be renewed every year. Renewal applications must be submitted a month prior to the expiration date. To renew your license, 8 hours of continuing education are also required. For unlimited or “master” licenses, the cost of renewal is $190.

In many North Carolina jurisdictions, electrician courses are required. At M.S. Electrical Training, several of our courses are approved for continuing education in the state. These include “Changes to the National Electrical Code” and “Understanding the 2017 National Electrical Code” and more. We realize you’re busy, so we offer both virtual and in-person options for our students. With our flexible course model, you can obtain your North Carolina master electrician license on your time.

Why Choose Us for Your Continuing Education?

Industry professionals rely on us to help them reach the next step in their careers. As a continuing education provider, we take our role very seriously. That’s why we’re focused on offering our students an engaging and inviting learning environment.

When you select M.S. Electrical Training, you’ll have access to these advantages:

  • Courses designed by a master electrician who has industry expertise
  • Attentive support services whenever you need them
  • Online, in-person and private tutoring options
  • State-approved course material
  • Frequent feedback and guidance from experienced instructors
  • Courses held in professional training facilities
  • Courses that include compelling, interesting content

Are you ready to attain your North Carolina master electrician license and move forward in your career? Register today to begin your course work with us.   

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