North Carolina Electrical License Renewal

Every profession requires educational training to some degree with our constantly changing world and advancements. With that comes the search for continuing education units (CEU). In many industries, the advances made are rapid and cause regulations and codes to change constantly. All electricians must keep up with this consistent change by finding CEU for electrical license renewal. Every state has its requirements for license renewals, so it is essential to remain aware of these requirements and any changes.

M.S. Electrical Training provides a comprehensive range of professionally led courses for electricians seeking North Carolina electrical license renewal. Our courses are state-approved to meet the state’s requirements in a hassle-free, convenient environment. With a team of educated instructors, you can experience high-quality continuing education that will help you maintain your business.

Why You Need a North Carolina Electrical Online CEU

In North Carolina, eight hours of continuing education is required to renew your electrical license. These courses can be taken online for four hours, while in-person training is required for the remaining four hours. Not only will this keep you up to date on the continuous code and regulation changes by the National Electrical Code, but it will also show the professionalism you maintain to your customers. North Carolina electrical license renewal is necessary every year, so it is crucial to be aware of your renewal date in advance. Every electrician’s renewal date is on the anniversary of your license issue date, so mark this in your calendar. The state will issue a notice sixty days before expiration if you forget. Staying ahead on this CE will ensure you don’t go any amount of time without your license.

Why Choose Us for North Carolina Electrical License Renewal

M.S. Electrical Training has three decades of experience in the industry with certified instructors capable of providing you with the necessary education for North Carolina electrical license renewal. Our courses have helped various electrical contractors and electricians gain knowledge in an informative, engaging environment. That is what keeps our students coming back year after year for their continuing education. Our courses are certified and approved by every state we work with, so you can be sure we have suitable classes for you. Here are the electrical courses we offer:

All the courses listed above are available to complete online from anywhere you choose. All you need to start is a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Our goal is to make your continuing education experience as easy and convenient as possible. Our professionalism will go beyond our courses and affect the work of you and your business for the better. If you are unsure whether to join us in your career advancements, consider these benefits that keep electricians returning to M.S. Electrical Training for their education:

  • Professional service support anytime you need it
  • Courses designed by a leader in the industry
  • In-person, online, and private tutoring
  • State-approved material
  • Consistent feedback for students

Get Your North Carolina Electrical License Renewal Today

M.S. Electrical Training guarantees this investment in your future will bring you adequate knowledge of the constantly changing electrical requirements. Investing in your future will provide you with the necessary experience to advance your career and bring expert-level service to all your customers. Reach out to us today at 410-790-8993 to begin your North Carolina electrical license renewal journey. We are here for all your electrical training needs!

North Carolina Electrical Online Continuing Education Courses