Delaware Online CEU

If you are an electrician in the state of Delaware, you know that continuing education is an important part of staying up to date with the latest industry standards. It’s now easier than ever to stay compliant with the State of Delaware Board of Electrical Examiners by taking advantage of M.S. Electrical Training’s online Continuing Education Unit (CEU).  Let’s take a closer look at this convenient and comprehensive option for professional electricians in Delaware.

What are Continuing Education Units?

Continuing Education Units, or CEUs, are unique units of measurement used to quantify and recognize the successful completion of a continuing education program. The measure of one CEU is equal to 10 hours of coursework. CEUs are typically issued by universities and other accredited learning institutions, providing recognition for educational and training programs. With employers increasingly looking for employees with additional skills and qualifications, CEUs can help individuals stand out in competitive job markets. Furthermore, earning CEUs demonstrates a commitment to self-improvement and staying current with the newest trends in a particular field while allowing people to increase their professional development.

“Great class! Sorry I have not taken your classes sooner. Thanks Marty, it was well worth it!”
– Ken D.

What are the Benefits of Taking our Delaware Online CEU?

The biggest benefit of taking an online course is convenience; no more having to travel to a physical class or waste valuable time commuting back and forth from a local college or trade school every week! You can access all of M.S. Electrical Training’s courses from any device with an internet connection, allowing you to complete your CEUs anywhere and anytime it’s most convenient for you—whether that’s at home after work or while sitting in your living room on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee in hand! Additionally, all of our courses are self-paced, which means you can go as fast or as slow as you need depending on how much time you have available each day or week!

What Courses Does M.S. Electrical Training Offer?

M.S Electrical Training offers several different courses that are specifically designed for electricians in Delaware who need to fulfill their state-mandated continuing education credits (CEUs). These include topics such as electrical safety, NEC code updates, motors & controls basics, OSHA 30 hour certification, transformer theory & installation instructions, hazardous location installations & inspections, NFPA 70E safety standards compliance training and more! Additionally, we also offer courses covering general electrical topics such as basic electrical theory & principles, residential wiring techniques & applications, commercial/industrial motor controls training and many more!  So regardless of whether your CEU needs are specific to Delaware or not – we have something for everyone!

Complete Your Delaware Online CEU with M.S. Electrical Training

M.S. Electrical Training’s Delaware Online CEU program allows electricians in Delaware the chance to update their credentials with ease, regardless of time constraints or location difficulties they may have due to COVID-19 restrictions or otherwise. With our online classes, you can get back into compliance quickly and easily so that you can continue providing quality service as soon as possible!

If you’re a professional electrician in Delaware looking for an easy way to meet your continuing education requirements, M.S. Electrical Training’s Delaware Online CEU course is just what you need! Our online course is convenient and flexible so that electricians can stay up to date with current best practices while meeting all necessary licensing requirements without leaving home or travelling long distances. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity—enroll today! Call us at 410-790-8992.

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