Delaware Master Electrician License

In order to take the next step in your career as an electrician, you’ll need continuing education and exam preparation. Master electricians in the state of Delaware are able to work in residential, industrial and commercial locations. They often oversee the work of apprentices and journeymen as well. Therefore, it’s important to have the knowledge you need to be at the top of your field. Before you can achieve your Delaware master electrician license, you must be able to pass an exam.

At M.S. Electrical Training, our high-quality, state-approved courses are ideal for those looking to obtain their master electrician license. We’re confident that with our exam preparation material, you’ll be able to reach your highest goals. Additionally, our instructor Marty Schumacher is an experienced master electrician himself. Having been in the business for decades, he’s highly dedicated to helping students succeed. If you want to become a master electrician, there’s no better individual to learn from. Register with M.S. Electrical Training today and grow your career with us.

Delaware Master Electrician License Requirements

To obtain your Delaware master electrician license, it’s necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • 6 years of full-time experience under a licensed master electrician or 8,000 full-time hours under a licensed master electrician and 576 hours of verified, Board-approved training; 4 years of full-time experience under a licensed master electrician and 2 years of continuing education is also acceptable
  • Application for licensure
  • The payment of a $172 application processing fee
  • Pass the Delaware master electrician exam
  • Possess minimum general liability coverage of $300,000
  • Present copies of any licenses attained in other states
  • Renew license every 2 years and complete required continuing education

At M.S. Electrical Training, we offer two Delaware master electrician exam prep courses. We understand that between family and career commitments, it can be difficult to carve out time for an in-person course. That’s why we give our students the option to take either a virtual or an in-person course. Our virtual classes provide the same quality of education, and you can prepare for your exam from the comfort of your home.

After completing your continuing education with us, you’ll schedule your Delaware master electrician license exam through DELPROS. The open-book test includes 100 questions and needs to be completed in 4 hours. The passing score is 75%.

Why Choose Us for Your Continuing Education?

Countless industry professionals have been able to advance their careers through our student-centered classes. Electrical specialists come to us time and time again because our courses are engaging and highly flexible. However, when you partner with M.S. Electrical Training, you’ll also receive these benefits:

  • Courses designed by a master electrician who knows the business
  • Fantastic support services whenever you need them
  • Online, in-person and private tutoring options
  • State-approved course material
  • Frequent feedback and advice from skilled instructors
  • Courses held in professional training centers
  • The knowledge you need to advance in your career
  • Courses that are quick, painless and even entertaining

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and obtain your Delaware master electrician license? Register today to start your journey.  

Get Your Delaware Master Electrician License Today

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