The 2022 amended electrician legislation is now in effect and reflected on DLLR’s website. As promised, here are the highlights of the legislation from House Bill 1285 (2022) and SB 762 (2021).

The 2022 amended electrician legislation is now in effect and reflected on DLLR’s website. As promised, here are the highlights of the legislation from House Bill 1285 (2022) and SB 762 (2021).

Journeyman License (2 year period): (There are four tracks for journey licensing in 2022)

  1. Establishes a one-time grand-fathering clause that allows an electrician with at least 4 years of experience to qualify for a MD Journeyman’s license without taking the journey exam. This allowance is in effect from July 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022. After December 31, 2022, the grandfather rule expires.
  2. A graduate of an approved MD apprenticeship program qualifies to be a MD Journeyman by simply filling out the application, show proof of graduation, and pay the $15 fee.
  3. By exam: The 2021 legislation (SB 762) established a journeyman’s exam administered by Be advised, once MD enters into a reciprocity agreement with other states, they may only reciprocate with those that successfully pass the state journey exam (something to think about).
  4. The 2021 legislation also established a local county reciprocity agreement with the counties that previously had a jman license. A letter of good standing was required from the county which enabled this reciprocity agreement to the state. Of course, now that the state has taken over all master and journey licensing, this agreement may no longer be in effect for some or all of these local jurisdictions.

The journey license requires at least five hours of classroom continuing education training for each two year renewal period.

Apprentice License (2 year period):

  1. If an electrical worker (electrician, helper, apprentice, etc) is NOT an active master or journeyman electrician, that individual must be registered with the state of Maryland as an apprentice electrician. This license does not require the worker to be enrolled in any school,  rather, just fill out the application, send in $10, and the individual is now a licensed apprentice. No continuing education is required for the apprentice license.

The new law establishes a mandate that at least one electrical worker on any jobsite be a MD licensed master or journeyman electrician. Whether you have one or twenty one workers on the jobsite, at least one worker must be a journey or master electrician.

In short, every electrical worker must be one of the following: an active master, journey, or apprentice electrician. The state will not issue multiple licenses. Meaning, you can not possess a journey and master license simultaneously. Also, you cannot have an inactive master electrician license and comply with the law unless you are NOT working (I know, this doesn’t make a lot of sense).  The state is (I think) working on a way for the inactive master electrician to work under their employers insurance.

I hope this helps and as usual, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. This information is based on my own involvement and understanding and I am not acting on behalf of the state of Maryland.

Enjoy your summer-  Marty

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